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Effective date: October 29, 2020


Short Summary

Your personal information and security are very important for us, and we only collect information from your browser and computer and the personal information you choose to give away. We use your browser information for statistics and understand how users navigate and experience our website. We make use of your personal information only under your consent for newsletters and other marketing purposes. We do not sell and do not intend to sell your information to third parties and will only use it as stated on this page.

Regardless of where you are located, we provide the standard privacy protection offered by most sites. However, we can't guarantee your safety and encourage you to browse safely and use precautions at all times.

You automatically agree to this privacy policy the moment you start browsing this site and agree to any change made to this page in the future if any. Thus, be sure to revisit this page if you want to make sure everything stays the same from your last visit.


Long version

NAME OF SITE is an informative website operating under the internet address http://www.NAMEOFSITE.COM, and by using the service and reading the articles on our site, you agree to our privacy policy. We have prepared this page to let you know how do we collect information from you, what we do with this information, and what you would expect from this site and this privacy policy in the future.

The only reason why NAME OF SITE would make use of your information in the form of statistics, location, or identity would be to improve the site, our performance, and the way we offer our information services.

Thus, by using NAME OF SITE, you automatically agree to us collecting information from your visit or recurring visits to our web according to the following policies:

How do we collect and use your information?

This site is purely informative and contains information you can access without giving out your personal identity. However, if our site asks you to provide personal information, it will only be used to identify or contact you. Personal data we may ask you includes your name, email, and other data we may use for newsletters and other divulgation methods. In the future, we may also ask for billing information, a billing address, or payment card number, in which case you will be prompted to a safe-buy page to make sure that your digital payments are secure from malicious users. We may also collect from you any information associated with an inquiry to us related to our service or our site's written contents.

Like many other site operators, NAME OF SITE collects information that your browser sends to our servers in each visit to our site. This information is known as log data, and includes anonymous information that does not disclose your personal identity but tracks your computer and its behavior on the internet. That includes your IP address, your cookies, the page you came from, the pages you visit from our site, the date and the time of each visit, the time you spend reading or browsing our website, the browser you're using, and the version of your browser. All of this information is only displayed as statistics to measure and improve the user experience. We may use additional services and third-party companies, primarily Google Analytics, which monitors, collects, and organizes this type of information in useful graphs, we can evaluate to improve our site.

The information we collect to contact you will only be used for promotional, marketing, or newsletter purposes, and we do not sell this information to any other third-party. In the future, we may also use this information to create an account or maintain an account, to fulfill your orders, and provide more intuitive communications with you. We are only using your personal information for NAME OF SITE improvements and campaigns. We may also use this information to promote a new development or site associated with NAME OF SITE that may be of interest. As with any other newsletter, you can always ask to unsubscribe if you don't want to receive any notification or email from us.

Cookies are special and very small files that contain bits of anonymous data that identify your browser and your computer. They are stored in your hard drive and used by websites to understand your behavior online, collecting information in order to improve your experience on the internet based on your preferences and behavior online. They have a unique identifier, which is like a fingerprint on your computer. Similar to many other websites, we also use cookies to collect information and improve your experience online.

If you disagree with cookies, you can find a specific setting on your browser to refuse cookies. If you do this, your browser will not receive and save any cookies from any site, including NAME OF SITE. However, keep in mind that if you do not accept cookies from NAME OF SITE, you may only be granted limited access to the information and the written material on our web. Certain portions of our site may be limited to users who accept cookies under the terms expressed in this privacy policy. These cookies are not used to track and disclose your activity on the web. Instead, we use them to understand your preferences and improve your experience on our site.

All of the information above is not sold. Still, it can be shared with third parties to improve our service and your experience online, improve our communication with you, respond to our queries, provide you with technical support, or for marketing purposes related to us or any of our partners. This information may also be useful to assist any investigation in case we need to collaborate with police forces or any other online authority to investigate any law violation or potential violation of the international laws.

One of the most important third-party agents where we share your information is Google Analytics. If you want more information about how Google Analytics will make use of your information, you can visit their privacy policy at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/. You can also opt out of this service to prevent any collection of your personal information by visiting https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/.


Your security is essential for us to

One of the reasons why the internet is a fascinating world to explore is because you can choose to remain anonymous whenever you want. In most cases, it is more secure to stay anonymous, and we know that. Thus, we consider your privacy and personal information an essential part of your personal security. It is one of the most critical aspects of your experience on this site.

Your security is vital for us, but you need to remember that the internet is not always a secure place, and we cannot grant a 100% safe environment at all times. It all depends on how you use the resource available to you on the internet. Thus, while we make the best efforts to protect your privacy and keep your personal information always private, it is impossible to guarantee absolute security. Our electronic storage and transmission methods are secure and continuously revised to prevent vulnerabilities, but this does not guarantee that a security breach will not occur in the future. Thus, we encourage you to browse the internet under your own risks, including our site, which strives to make you feel safe but cannot be held liable if something unexpected goes wrong, and your information and security are vulnerable.


Privacy Policy may change

This Privacy Policy information is effective from October 29, 2020, when it was written. However, we may change this privacy policy page at any time, with or without notice to our users. Thus, what is displayed above will remain in effect unless any change is made in the future, and you're encouraged to revisit this page as regularly as possible to check for any change. Any modification will start having an effect immediately after posting on this page, and if any update is made available, it will be noticed in the first line of this page.

If you continue using our website, you're acknowledging that you read this policy and its changes and agree to any future change and modification. If you have a doubt or comment about this privacy policy or any other aspect of our site, you're encouraged to contact us before using our services.

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