About Us

Now we're done making that clear; we're also telling you what our crew is doing for you in every article you read from our site.
We are a group of doctors and health-related professionals who are worried about the internet's misinformation about health and disease. We want to make a difference by providing our readers with accurate and very reliable information, always updated with the latest understandings and scientific developments. However, we do not make any warranties and cannot be held liable for the contents and opinions expressed on this site.

We're here to change that.

Our team includes doctors, investigators, medical writers, editors, and designers who work together to provide educational information to our readers. We're committed to teaching and providing the best and most accurate source of medical and health-related information on the web. By doing this, our purpose is purely educational. We have doctors in our crew, which consider important to evaluate patients before reaching a diagnosis. Thus, we think it is important to highlight that, even if you're sure about your diagnosis, and even if you think you know what you need to feel better, it is not right to use this site's material self-diagnosis and self-treatment purposes. Instead, use it to improve your understanding of what is probably happening with your body and understand your doctor when he talks about your treatment options.

Who is behind the site and its contents?

Now we're done making that clear; we're also telling you what our crew is doing for you in every article you read from our site.

Everything starts with our investigators. They have sufficient medical background, constantly comparing scientific evidence, providing new topics to write about, and suggesting changes and updates in existing articles.

After our investigators suggest new subjects and changes, it all depends on our medical writers to create original articles. They are one of the most important players. Not every doctor and health-related professional has a knack with words and knows exactly how to convey medical facts in an accurate yet accessible language. Medical writers do the most critical part of the job because they need to structure the message and use the information suggested by the investigators to create new and engaging content. Their priority is not only being accurate but also useful and applicable so that patients can use the information, and even doctors can revisit specific topics whenever they need it.

Editors are the next step, as it is always important that someone else reads a writer's work before it is released. Editors provide useful suggestions about wording and the so-important proofreading step to ensure everything is fine before publishing. This labor is twofold because proofreading is not the same as editing, and sometimes the work is proofread by other medical writers with experience.

After the content is proposed, written, and proofread, our designing group is assigned the next step. They upload the content, choose the right images to convey an accurate understanding of each topic, and use capitalization, subheadings, bolding, and other styling techniques that help readers find what they need at first glance. This labor is often disregarded until you open a book that tries to teach you something important without providing visual aid. Books with drawings are not only for children, and adults also need images to understand, especially if we're talking about processes and organs that we don't see from the outside. The designer labor is also essential to maintain the webpage uniform and attractive to new readers.

Finally, after everything is set and ready, doctors compromised with our site, read the material carefully, and suggest changes if any is needed. The same doctor seldom performs this step because they have busy lives, and we always need to find someone available or new to check out the contents and make sure they are high-quality and not misleading.

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